Matt was one of our first clients to purchase our website business in a bundle packages.He had been trying to make money on the internet using his blogging hobby and one website. After trying hard to monetize and build his audience his highest month, he made $ 65.

Then he came across us, he purchased the bundle sites and he recouped his money within 2 months. His income has steadily grown and he now makes over 900 dollars a week with zero effort.

The method matt is using is not new and has been used and proven time and time again.The best thing is it still works. Let us explain  how it works….

We  have been making websites for a long time and sell for hundreds to Flippa users to re sell or use.


Today we  are offering an All In One Package  for anyone who wants to make simple money with virtually zero effort. We are offering NOT 1 full functioning money making website but 25!!!


Yes 25 fully working WordPress sites!

All these sites are 100% automated, no maintenance work needed. The sites run by themselves with automated scripts, self-updating, powered by wordpress.

All attractive designs, responsive, latest programing.

Buy 20 website @ $12.5 per site and make $ 30 monthly

How many automated sites is needed to make $100 a day?

From our experience, it can be done with 20 sites. Each site needs to generate only $5 per day. To make $5 per day from one site doesn't require a lot of traffic. To make this amount some sites need only 3 ad clicks, average 20 - 50 visitors.

we do it with 100 sites, each making us an average $2 per day. Some making less than $1, some $5 or more per day. The difference is that we spread the traffic we  generate over a large number of sites. If the same traffic was directed to 20 sites, we would probably make $10 per site per day (but from less number of sites).

The reason we use 100 sites and not 20 is because each site gets more valuable with time and can be sold later for good profit,  with 100 sites we can make more money when we decide to sell them. If you are not a site flipper, you can do fine even with 25 sites.

From the 100 niche sites that make the most profit we compiled a list of top 25, that's what we're  offering here. 25 websites, proven money makers, each can generate $5 per day for you that will add up to a larger amount of $100  per day.

From our experience, it's easier to make $1 a day from 100 sites ($100 a day) than making $100 from 1 site.
When we started, we were making $900 per month from our  100 sites with zero work, each site made about only 30 cents per day, from accidental visitors.

How difficult is it to make $5 from one site?

With the properly set up site and quality traffic, it can take 20 - 50  visitors to make $1 - $5 just from ad clicks (not counting sign ups or product/service sales).

For example on our new movie trailers site, we   received only 20 visitors and one ad click, that one ad click made   $1.52. It takes 3 ad clicks to make $4.50.

On my dating site, we   received only 1 sign up in 10 days from only 60 visitors (6 visitors per day), we got paid $50 commission, that converts to $5 per day for 10 days, just from 60 visitors.

On our golf site we received 104 pageviews, only 9 clicks, it made  $12.62. That's from only 104 visitors that day, only 9 ad clicks. $6 from 52 visitors.  I get similar results with my other sites.

These small numbers are easy to achieve even by a newbie. Most newbies can do it easily with their sites, but because they run only 1  or 2 sites, the profit is too low and they give up. It makes no sense with only one or 2 sites. But with 20 sites it starts to add up to a  good amount. Or with 100 sites like we do, it adds up to $6,000 per month. With an average only 50 visitors per day per site.

Even if your 20 sites make only $2 per site, that's $40 per day,  $1,200 per month. You don't have to be a pro with experience to make only $2 per day from one site, it doesn't even need high search ranking.

Or you can do it as we do with 100 sites (you will need to make only $1  per site per day to make $100 per day). we can help you with setting up more sites. It's easy to run that many sites because all are 100%  automated and don't require any maintenance. In fact, running 100 automated sites is easier and less time consuming than running 1 nonautomated site.

What you need are properly setup sites, not just any automated sites,  but sites that have a lot of content already generated. My sites each has hundreds and some thousands of pages, they are big sites with a lot of pages.

You also need methods to generate traffic without depending on search engines  (with time you will get some traffic from search engines, but there are better ways), and I will provide you that information and tools to do it.


Buy 10 website @ $15 per site and make $20 monthly



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This really is the ultimate PASSIVE income generator. we have been in the website business for  years and during that time we have established that the sites we are offering are the most productive and most profitable websites.


  1. Am I Going To Get Rich In A Week ?

No ! This is a long term project to make money, but once your site(s) are established they will make money daily for ever! And more importantly PASSIVELY. The more sites you have the more money, its that simple. Depending on how you are going to send traffic- Paid or Passive I would guess you will see some returns within a month- the bottom line the harder you push the traffic the more results you will see, until the traffic comes organically.


Each site can make between $1-$5 a day. Sounds little- well $5 a day X7 over a month is $140.00 per site- that’s for doing nothing, more sites you own the more money you make- it gets no simpler.

  1. What Do I Need?


You will need to give us some Domain Names- we can advise on this but try to get one that goes with the these Niches-


P.S it does NOT have to end in .com etc, in fact any ending will do, ie .online, .site etc and you can pick these up for $3.00. Name cheap or Go Daddy are good. (WE WILL HELP YOU PICK OUT THE BEST DOMAIN NAMES)

You will also need a hosting account with wordpress. We will help you pick out the best one for FREE

  1. Support

We will supply email support for as long as you need… includes forever!

  1. Need More websites ?

If you are interested in purchasing more sites we can do special DISCOUNT for you. Remember- more sites = More money.